Welcome to the Assisted Learning Centre… 

The Assisted Learning Centre is a school that supervises and tutors grades 2 to 12; we are located in the coastal town of Fish Hoek on the False Bay side of the Cape Peninsula. At our school we want to embrace the principle of high standard of education for all young people, and we feel that all education should be approached in a modern, forward-thinking and professional way. 

We aim to prepare students to take responsibility for their studies, while encouraging all students to treat others with respect and at the same time learn to respect themselves. We strive to teach students to think for themselves, apply knowledge, take the initiative and communicate effectively with others.

True academic excellence will only be enhanced when students learn in a community where life skills like punctuality, respect and self-discipline are taught. Each individual student and their individual development is important to us, so communication between the staff, students and parents is extremely important

As The Assisted Learning Centre is a new school, we are continuing to improve the facilities available for effective education to take place.

Our Mission: At The Assisted Learning Centre our mission is to deliver high-quality and essential education in order to develop successful students and give them excellent preparation for their next steps in education and life.

Our Vision: Our vision statement is, “Excellence through education”

This reflects our belief that a solid and sound education is the key to unlock personal performance excellence. At The Assisted Learning Centre, we only have the highest standards and we believe that good discipline goes hand in hand with outstanding teaching and tutoring.

We look forward to our getting to know you and your child better.